Kitchen Furniture – How you can Pick Out Exactly what is Right For You

When you are selecting kitchen furnishings, you need to very first figure out the dimension of the space, and the quantity of furnishings that will certainly match well in it. There are several different choices to pick from when looking at it; you have kitchen tables, kitchen chairs, bar feces, baker’s racks, china cupboards, hutches, wine cellar, compact bars, and even transportable islands.


The focal point of the kitchen will certainly be the kitchen table; you first have to identify what dimension and exactly what form table you would certainly like to have. The dimension of your household may be the determining factor on the table’s dimension. You can choose from a lot of various design and styles of kitchen furnishings, modern, standard, class, nation, modern, or even retro. You intend to make sure that the style you pick matches the remainder of your homes decor.


You could blend and match your designs, as long as the 2 or three chosen compliment each other you could have a modern dining room with a modern kitchen, you simply need to beware with your choices of large pieces.


You could add numerous different pieces to your kitchen to boost it and make it as valuable as possible. Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your house, it is where you will compile for family meals, have discussions with good friends, as well as chatter with the next-door neighbors. You wish to make the room as welcoming as feasible, while still keeping the room functional and beneficial.


Kitchen furniture can be trendy or basic, depending on if you want a flare to your area or a straightforward clean look. You can add a hutch or portable bars or islands. If the space is huge, a workdesk for doing the costs can be included, or a computer location to keep your beloved recipes.


You can discover kitchen furniture by searching the web for terrific web pages that offer a lot of various options and layouts. The costs will certainly differ and need to have the ability to fit anyone’s budget plan. You could select from surface areas such as, wood, glass, steel, or stone, or even a combo of several. The style that is used in the space needs to mirror your very own personality and flavors.


In many cases you may determine to blend and match the kitchen chairs with the table. The styles and designs are infinite and can be mix and matched to suit your demands. The kitchen furnishings you choose ought to be of top quality and be able to be preserved to provide you years of use. The kitchen table you decide on should have the ability to be recovered conveniently to its original state. You could keep the table for many years and the memories that you produce around it with your household, can then be passed down from generation to generations. As soon as day you might have your great granddaughter appreciating an early morning breakfast with her family members around the exact same table. Kitchen furnishings is a fundamental part of your residences decor and ought to be chosen with treatment.

Demystifying the Common Myths About Butcher Block Countertops

BUTCHER BLOCK COUNTERTOPSThere are numerous myths and wrong information concerning kitchen remodeling using butcher block countertops. These myths of stories about damages, mess and bacteria though contrasting the statistics and facts, have been believed for many years. Below are some five great butcher block myths and reasons why they should not be believed.

Butcher blocks encourages bacteria growth

It is difficult to imagine that this myth is believed by some people. This myth is based on the logic that wood if not professionally sealed cannot be disinfected properly. This theory was applied to butcher block countertops and homeowners started to think there was never any chance of them disinfecting their counters completely. The truth is glass, plastic, wood and any other countertop materials harbor bacteria as well. In wood the bacteria move deep into the material and are killed by natural properties of the wood. The other materials on the other hand leave the bacteria on the surface. Nevertheless you should not be worried because the bacteria on the surface can be washed with water and soap.

Scratches easily

This is another myth which is wrongly attributed to butcher block countertops though it only applies to wood cutting boards. Wood is easily cut by knives, so is plastic. However, wood is good as a cutting board as they do not damage your knives thus making your food preparation easy and increase the lifespan of your knife. Besides, there are sealants which can be used to protect your countertop from knife scratches. The wood can be sanded and resealed to make it look new. Another way to avoid spoiling your surface is by using a sharper knife.

Is easily stained

It is no doubt that most people think that butcher blocks rots and stains easily. Most butcher tops are isolated and as such not exposed to water spillage unless used on kitchen sinks in which case there should be a wide border around it. The spillage should also be wiped out so that there are no water pools. Butcher blocks made professionally are usually sealed and mineral oil regularly applied keeps the countertop in its best condition for years.

They can be damaged by heat

Counter blocks just like anything else can be ruined by fire. However, they cannot be spoilt by occasional heat from pans unlike engineered stone and plastic. It is advisable not to put hot things on the countertop regularly as this can lead to heat rings. These can however be removed by a sand paper, something you cannot do to plastic.

They are expensive and difficult to maintain

This myth is only true when maintenance is done regularly. To keep your butcher block in a good condition you should wipe up and seal countertops using mineral oil every six months. To keep the countertops looking good you should sand and reseal them on a daily basis. It is not true that butcher counter tops are difficult to maintain. As matter of fact, their maintenance is cheap because you can personally sand away the nicks and dings instead of calling a professional to repair it for you.

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Choosing Butcher Block Countertops and Maintaining Them

Butcher Block CountertopsThere are many homeowners who look for alternatives to expensive stone countertops. For such homeowners, a butcher block countertop proves to be an excellent choice. These countertops are not as expensive as their counterparts. However, they still look beautiful and elegant in your kitchen. The key to make your kitchen look good with these countertops is to maintain them properly. You need to understand that wood is more vulnerable to damage and therefore, you need to take proper care.

Versatility of Butcher Block Countertops

There are many people who think that butcher block countertops are just wooden slabs. However, this is just a misconception. If you are installing these countertops, you can choose from a lot of different options. Butcher-block countertops are available in many different kinds of wood including oak, cherry, maple, ash, walnut and teak.

Once you have made your choice, you will also need to consider a proper finish. It should match your design plan. You also need to consider construction methods. You can choose between end grain construction and planks. Moreover, you will have to choose between refined and rounded edges. Irrespective of your choice, a butcher block countertop can be built to look as rough or cultured as you desire.

Maintenance of Butcher Block Countertops 

Once you have chosen a particular countertop for your kitchen, you need to consider certain factors related to maintenance. Since these countertops are made of wood, they are more vulnerable to damage from water, dryness, food contamination and other reasons. If you take certain precautions, your countertop will last a very long time.

Oiling – First of all, you need to oil your countertops once every month. You can use mineral oil to keep your countertop in good shape. Simply apply one coat of oil and let it sit there for an hour. Once it has dried, you should wipe the countertop with a mild detergent. This will extend the life of your countertop.

Mild Detergent – Most of the people use abrasive cleaners for cleaning butcher block countertops. However, it is always better to use a mild detergent. This will protect wood from unnecessary roughness and scratches.

Lemon Juice – Since a butcher block countertop is made of wood, it will absorb food odors. Therefore, you need to deodorize it with lemon juice. Before wiping the lemon juice, you should let it sit there for about 15 minutes.

Proper Care – You need to understand that wood is not as hard as stone countertops. Therefore, while using hard materials like pans or hot pots, you should use a protective material between the wood and these utensils. Moreover, you should also clean any spills. It is important to make sure you keep your countertop free from any stains.

With proper care and regular maintenance, these countertops will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. They will look as beautiful as any other material available in the market. It is important to hire professionals to install butcher block countertops in your kitchen. They will not only install countertops in your kitchen, but also tell you about certain ways you can extend their life.

Appealing Features of Butcher Block Tables

butcher block tableThe butcher block table refers to the uniquely designed table which is put to use especially for chopping vegetables and meat efficiently. Usual kitchen tables are not meant for chopping as the marks by the peeler and knives are left behind and as a result of which the tables lose their beauty. On the other hand, a butcher table is generally made from a hard quality thick wood which enables a person to chop easily and quickly and leaving no cutting or chopping marks on it.

Now-a-days the butcher block tables are rapidly gaining popularity for the kitchen designers as well as home cooks. These tables were originally developed for fulfilling the needs of the butchery industry. Here are some of the appealing features of the butcher block tables.

Stylish and Durable Construction:

A butcher table is generally made from durable and long lasting woods which include the teak, beech, ash, red oak and hard maple. These woods are capable enough to withstand the regular chopping and knife marks. The thicker the butcher block table, the more durable it is. One can also get butcher tables have strong legs and frames made up of stainless steel, granite and wood. This adds a unique style to one’s kitchen.

Miscellaneous features:

Most of the butcher tables come with convenient drawers and shelves, utensil holders, tower rails, knife racks, removable cutting boards, drop leaf tables and bottle racks. These additional features serve in providing extra storage space and preparing food becomes quite easy.


One can also find many butchers block tables having rolling caster wheels. These wheels make the table extremely portable and one can move it easily to the desired corner in the kitchen. One can dislocate it to wherever one desires it to during the food preparation. For instance, one can take the table nearer to the electric socket if one is using the electric knife. The wheels also enable the table to be used as a movable serving trolley in order to carry food from kitchen to the dining room or the guest room.


Butcher block tables demand minimum care and maintenance. However, it is very important on the user’s part to keep it hygienic and clean in order to prevent the growth of any kind of bacteria which may otherwise lead to food poisoning. The surface of the butcher block tables can be cleaned with natural vinegar or bleach on a regular basis. Once a while, mineral oil should be applied to the table. This enables the table to absorb moisture and prevents it from cracking or drying.


The butcher block tables come in a wide range of varieties varying in size, color, design, shapes and material used.

In simple words, the butcher block tables bring an elegant and classy touch to one’s kitchen design as well as add functionality to the kitchen as a result of which preparing food becomes much convenient and enjoyable at the same time. Butcher tables are considered to be the ideal tables for preparing and serving meat, fruits, cheese and bread and vegetables without the need of any kind of individual cutting boards.

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